"A smart person learns from his own mistakes, but a wise person learns from others mistakes!"

Anyone who knows us knows that we are passionate about photography, business and helping others to live they life they want and enjoy the job of their dreams. In the photography industry, there is an interesting distinction between really good photographers who aren't the best business people or really good business people who aren't the best photographers. We want to help bridge that gap and think that we can! With extensive boot-strap business experience we think we have the knowledge and experience to teach others how to do the same!

In our first 4 years of business we were nominated for Rangefinders rising top 30 wedding photographers in the world twice and booking 40 weddings a year between $7,000-$10,000

About Us

Weekend warrior with 13 weddings!


Total Income


Total Income

Shot 25 Weddings average $3.75K per wedding and quit our jobs to go full time


booked 10k weddings

 Booked 30 weddings before Jan 2018 at 6.5K average and multiple 10K weddings all over the world

We booked 40 weddings and averaged over 5.5K per wedding in our 2nd year as full time photographers & nominated twice as Rangefinders Rising 30 Wedding Photographers


Total Income

Shot 1 wedding


Total income


Total income

Shot 3 of our own weddings and second shot 8 times

We hired 6 photographers, 2 videographers, a Client Experience Specialist, a dedicated editor and a content creator! to build our brand!


Hired 10 Employees

These are 35-60 minute speeches where we speak on hacking the culture and leveraging it for your business or creating a client experience that works exponentially for you! 



These are roundtable or Panel discussions where we can sit on to accompany other people and discuss a bunch of different topics.



These are smaller 15-30 minute sessions where we cover a number of different topics or give a quicker run through of our keynote speeches.



Sessions where guests can ask us any question they want. These are extremely valuable because they provide personal application to specific questions. Often time, this brings a ton of value to ever attendee.

Q & A


speaking offerings

With our background in teaching, we love being able to educate with extremely practical advice and motivation to create a business that enables them to have the lifestyle they have always wanted!



Build an Army that builds your business

How we learned how to build a client experience that not only allows us to charge a premium but also leads to booking more clients and allows you to create amazing images. Building trust & raving fans is essential to creating an army of evangelists and award winning images!

Not your mom's social media talk

We talk all about how to utilize social media and the culture to grow your business. But not just one social media avenue, a couple of them. In 2019, you have the ability to be your own marketing company. There are effective ways to leverage your social platforms to gain clients build the business that works for you! in just 3 years of being full time, we have received 300 leads and made over $250,000 from Instagram alone!

Modern Markting for Profit

I also own a marketing firm and one of the biggest things I've noticed is that marketing changes and so do marketing tactics. I'm going to talk all about marketing in this day and age and how to put yourself in front of the right people and ensure they see you. At the end of the day, attention is the #1 thing we need and so if you can grab that attention and build relationships that build your business.




Make your business work for you

Efficiency is the name of the game. The more efficient you can make the systems that run your business, the less you have to spend on it. At that point, you can live the life that you want, work less and make more! We will talk all about the processes, emails, systems and steps to make that happen!


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we'd love to speak for you!

We provide easy and professional communication, advertising on social media channels and we also make ourselves available before and after the event for Skype meetings with directors to ensure everything runs seamlessly. Let us know if you want us at your conference or workshop!

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